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Polaris Personal Watercraft Service Manual DOWNLOAD
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Polaris Water Craft Repair Manuals

A Polaris PWC (personal watercraft) manual is designed mainly for use by Polaris personal watercraft trained mechanics. Technicians or do-it-yourself mechanics should have basic knowledge of tools, mechanical theory and experience in shop procedures to adaquetlly perform repairs properly and safely. The mechanic should carefully read the text and fully understand the service procedures before beginning the work. Some work procedures require the use of special tools and these tools must be used properly, as specified in the manual. The cleanliness of the work area, tools and parts is crucial. 

All manuals contain pictures or drawing illustrations and diagrams.


These manuals include procedures for component identification, disassembly, inspection, reassembly, maintenance and unit repair; along with critical specifications for all Polaris personal watercraft's. Each manual begins with a table of contents for each chapter to guide the mechanic in finding specific areas of information. An alphabetic index is located at the back of each manual and will aid the user to locate specific information quickly. 

It should be noted, extreme care was given to ensure all information in these manuals is technically correct during the time of publication. However, all specifications and materials are subject to change without notice. 

Each manual provided is either a factory service manual or high-end workshop repair manual. Each manual is available for download straight to your computer in just seconds so you can fix your problems now!

Each manual covers the following models:

1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 manual application: 1992: SL650 (SL-650) - 1993: SL650 (SL-650), SL750, SLT - 1994: SL650, SL750 (SL-750), SLT - 1995: SL650 (SL650 International), SL650 STD (SL650 STD International), SL750 (SL750 International). SLTl50 (SLTl50 International), SLX780 (SLX-780 International) - 1996: SL700 (SL-700 International), SLTlOO (SLTlOO International), SL780 (SL780 International), SL900 (SL-900 International), SLX780 (SLX780 International), SLTl80 (SLTl80 International), Hurricane (Hurricane International), SLTX (SLTX International) - 1997: SL700, SL700 Deluxe, SLT700 Hurricane, SL780, SLTl80, SLX PRO 785, SL900, SL1050 SLTX - 1998: SLH, SLTH, SLXH, SLTX

1999 Polaris Genesis X 45 & Ficht Service Manual PWC

1999 manual application: Genesis, 1999, Genesis Ficht and 1999 X-45 WaterCraft (Water craft) PWC. Models covered in this manual: Genesis, Genesis Ficht & X-45.

2000 manual application: Polaris Virage TX, SLX, Pro 1200, Genesis, Genesis FFI WaterCraft (Water craft) PWC. Models covered in this manual: 2000 Polaris Virage TX, 2000 Polaris SLX, 2000 Polaris Pro 1200, 2000 Polaris Genesis, 2000 Polaris Genesis FFI.

2001 manual application: Genesis SLX Virage & Pro 1200  2001 Polaris SLX, PRO 1200, Virage TX, Genesis, Virage TXi, Genesis i WaterCraft (Water craft) PWC. Models covered in this manual: 2001 Polaris SLX, 2001 PRO 1200, 2001 Virage TX, 2001 Genesis, 2001 Virage TXi, 2001 Genesis i 2001 Polaris SLH & Virage Service Manual PWC WaterCraft

2001 Service Manual Application: Polaris SLH, Virage PWC Factory Service Manual Personal WaterCraft (Water craft) PWC. Models covered in this manual: 2001 Polaris SLH, 2001 Polaris Virage.

2002 Polaris Service Manual application: Freedom Genesis Virage 2002 02' Polaris Freedom, Virage, Virage TX, Virage i, Virage TXi, Genesis, Genesis i PWC Factory Service Manual Personal WaterCraft (Water craft) PWC. Models covered in this manual: 2002 Freedom W025297D, 2002 Virage W025197D, 2002 Virage TX W025199D, 2002 Virage i W025101D, 2002 Virage TXi W025198D, 2002 Genesis W025099D, 2002 Genesis i W025098D

2003 manual application: 2003 03' Polaris Freedom, Virage, Virage i, Genesis i PWC Factory Service Manual Personal WaterCraft (Water craft). Models covered in this manual: Freedom W035297DA, Virage W035197DA, Virage i W035101CA, Genesis i W035098CA.

2004 repair manual application: Polaris MSX110 (MSX-110) MSX150 (MSX-150) PWC Factory Service Manual Personal WaterCraft (Water craft). Models covered in this manual: 2004 Polaris MSX110 (MSX-110), 2004 Polaris MSX150 (MSX-150).

2004 factory service manual application: Polaris Freedom, Freedom, Virage, Virage i, Genesis i, MSX 140 PWC Factory Service Manual Personal WaterCraft (Water craft). Models covered in this manual: Freedom W045297DA, Freedom International W045297IA, Virage W045197DA, Virage International W045197IA, Virage i W045101CA, Virage i International W045101IA, Genesis i W045098CA, Genesis i International W045098IA, MSX140 W045303CA, MSX 140 International W045303IA

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