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Download a Mercury Outboard Repair Manual
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Download a Mercury Outboard Engine Repair Manual

The Mercury repair and service manuals below were created to be a precise and accurate guide to maintaining or repairing your Mercury or Mariner Outboard motor.  We highly suggest, if attempting to perform service or maintenance to your outboard motor, use a manual. Critical step-by-step procedures, diagrams, specifications, pictures, illustrations and other important data may be present. 

These Mercury manuals were primarily designed for factory trained mechanics but cover topics in detailed step-by-step fashion for most do-it-yourself mechanics. The manuals walk you through the fundamentals for maintaining and repairing your Mercury outboard motor and provide all the critical specifications to complete the job as a trained factory mechanic would. 

Mercury Outboard Repair Manuals

Even if your intentions are to never touch a wrench, these repair manuals will help you understand what a Mercury mechanic is required to do in order to service your engine. The following is a list of main topics you would find in a typical Mercury manual:

General Information


Engine Control System

Ignition and Electrical Systems

Fuel System


Mid Unit

Lower Uint

Power Trim and Tilt

Recoil Starter

Hose Routing and Diagrams

Wiring Diagrams

Can You Do It?

Even if your the type of person not typically prone to pickup a wrench and get your hands greasy, the procedures covered in these manuals are at levels almost anyone can understand. In fact, you may find that servicing or maintaing your outboard engine yourself is your preferred choice. 

Additional Manuals Available

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